10.000 file limit
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Many users face a limitation on the number of files displayed in VF. How can I fix the problem and view all files?

1. Viper FTP has no limit on the number of files displayed. It displays all the files it receives from the FTP / SFTP server.
2. The limit is set on the FTP / SFTP server. The file count limit is enabled for performance reasons and can be changed or disabled by the server administrator.

To check if the server has file quota enabled, open "Trace connections" in Viper FTP:
Take a look at the Trace. If you see a message like the image below, your server has a limit on the number of files displayed.

In that case, contact the server administrator with a request to lift the file limit. If you can login to the server by SSH, you can try to change the limit manually.


More informations about the file limit: https://www.google.com/search?q=ftp+server+limit+10000+files