Viper FTP can be run with Upgrade Protection. Upgrade Protection allows you to receive all updates, and new versions of Viper FTP for free for a certain period of time mentioned in the program.

Buying upgrade protection will save you money, as you will get all upgrades for free during your protection period. Paying for protection allows us to continue developing the product, and to continue implementing users' requests, and adding new features.

Who can Purchase Upgrade Protection?

Upgrade Protection can be bought separately by users who have already purchased a license key for the current version of Viper FTP, while users who are upgrading from a previous version can upgrade and purchase Upgrade Protection. New users have the option of buying the license key with Upgrade Protection.

The sale of Upgrade Protection can be stopped any time without a notification.

Registering Upgrade Protection

If you already have a registered version of Viper FTP, and you have purchased Upgrade Protection only, or you are upgrading to a version of Viper FTP with Upgrade Protection:

   •  Install Upgrade (if you purchased an Upgrade).
   •  Start Viper FTP and go to the main menu.
   •  Click ‘Enter New License Key'.
   •  Enter the new license key here to register Upgrade Protection

More Information or help?

If you are having problems deciding which option to go for, why not contact us and we can help you select the option which is most appropriate for you.
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