Transferring Files
Transferring files and folders is quick and easy. Besides just clicking and dragging the item that you want to transfer, you can also multi-select and drag items as group.

To upload files (transfer from a local to remote computer)
1. Connect to a remote server.
2. In the Finder, or a second local browser locate the files or folders that you want to upload.
3. Click and hold the mouse button while dragging the item(s) from the Finder to the Remote pane of Viper FTP.
4. Release the mouse button. The items are copied (not moved) to the remote server.
5. You can also use the top toolbar icon or the context menu (right click on an items to upload)

To download files (transfer from a remote to a local computer)
Connect to a remote server.
In Viper FTP you can download items in four ways:

1. The most convenient method: Drag and drop item(s) from your remote browser to the Finder window (or to your local browser in Viper FTP). Exactly as you copy files in the Finder.

2. Double click item(s) in your remote browser. The items will be downloaded to the opposite local browser. If the opposite browser is a remote browser (or the opposite browser is closed), the item(s) will be downloaded to the default download folder (DDF). The DDF can be changed in the Preferences/Transfer.

3. Right click item(s) in your remote folder and select download from the context menu. Selected items will be downloaded to the DDF.

4. From the Viper FTP main menu click "Remote->Download File or Folder". This is the less convenient method. It can be used if, for some reason, you can't navigate to the items you want to download. In this case you must manually provide source and destination paths.
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