Locked windows

Windows in Viper FTP can be locked by a User. To lock a window click the blue button in top-right corner. You can lock any number or windows. Only main windows and Transfer Queue window can be locked. Locked windows moves, minimize and pop up together. This allows you to have windows displayed together all the time. In the Preferences User can also set the option to quit Viper FTP when any locked window is closing.

Preview Drawer

The Preview Drawer may be used to display media files both local and remote:
  • images
  • movies
  • pdf documents
  • music
  • local folder size
  • general info for any kind of file
  • general info for volumes

Trace Log

Shows the FTP commands and actions between Viper FTP and the server.
This is quite useful to troubleshoot connection and transfers issues.

File Listing

Used to display files/floders within a remote or local folder and the attributes of those files/folders.

History Log

Shows all the FTP operations between Viper FTP and the server. Each operation contains it's date, parameters and status (server reply).
This is useful to see what changes has been made to the files and folders on remote servers.

File Searching

Use the searching tool to search for files and folders on a remote server as well as on your computer. Go to File menu and select Find... to see the "Search for" dialog. In the Search for box type the known part of the file name, and use an asterisk (*) for parts you don't know. For example if you're looking for a file which you think is called Project1204.pdf but you can't recall the entire file name, enter Pro*.* or just 12* as your wild card search. File Finder will identify all files that start with the words ‘Pro', helping you to narrow the search. You can also search using multiple masks separating your search with semicolons, such as: *.app; My*.jpg; ... etc.

Compare Files or Folders

Viper FTP offers the possibility of comparing files and folders by:
    file/folder content
    file existence in compared folders

This may be used to identify if the two folders have the same files and if these files are identical.
To use this option, simply highlight a selection of two files or folders and then from the File menu, select the Compare option.
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