Connecting to a remote server
There are several ways you can establish a connection to your remote server:

1. Quick connect - Choose "Remote -> Quick Connect" from the main Viper FTP menu. Enter the server details as address, user name and password and press "Connect" button.

2. Add the remote server to the Bookmarks and use it later by one click. To connect to a server from Bookmarks, open Bookmarks, select server group in the left panel then double click on a selected server in the right panel:
Viper FTP icon

Viper FTP User Guide

To connect, just click the button representing the server:
4. Add previously defined server from Bookmarks to Viper FTP toolbar:
3. Select a remote server from the "Connect" menu. The menu contains all servers defined in the Bookmarks and is displayed when you click the "Connect" button on the main window: