To open the Bookmarks select View and then choose Bookmarks from the Viper FTP main menu. You can also use icon on the toolbar or the shortcut Cmd+B.

In the Bookmarks you see a list of remote servers (and your favorite places assigned to each server) added by you to the Bookmarks. In the Bookmarks user can create groups and server entries. Groups are located at the left part while servers on the right part of the Bookmarks window. The group can contain unlimited number of servers and servers can be moved between groups by drag and drop.

To add/remove groups use buttons over the group list. To add/remove/edit/clone servers use buttons over the server list.
In Viper FTP Bookmarks there are 5 special groups (Local network, Bonjour, Recent, Quick connect and Local favorites). These groups can not be deleted nor renamed.
Below the special groups part there are user groups. User can create any number of groups, remove or rename them. User groups contains remote servers definitions.

Special groups

Local Network - in this group shared Bookmarks of other Viper FTP users of the same local area network are displayed. To enable/disable sharing your Bookmarks entries over LAN click the menu icon over the group list and choose 'Share Bookmarks'.

Bonjour - in this group you can see FTP servers running in you LAN. To connect you will need at least the user name and passowrd. Addresses are discovered automatically.

Recent - here are all the connections you made in Viper FTP in the past. Connections are sorted by the connection date. This allows you to quickly fine and reconnect last used servers.

Local Favorites - this group allows to manage your favorites which you have previously added to Viper FTP folders.
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