Viper FTP has a complex dialog box for getting info about selected items.

To get information about the selected file or folder go to the File menu and select Get info... You will see the info box divided into two screens:

    General info

The user can select multiple files, and choose to “Get Info” for them. Viper FTP shows collective information (total size, total number of files and folders for the selection).

    Kind - list of selected item's kind
    Size - total size of selected files and folders, their number and physical disc space
    Path - where the file/s of folder/s are located

It is also possible to lock/unlock all the selected items simultaneously. To lock/unlock all files selected, by choosing to either select or de-select the ‘Locked' button.

Electronic files describe a wide variety of different things (pictures, sounds, text, etc.) so when you are transferring files you have to keep track of what they are describing and in which format they are doing so. On the Mac each file has two codes associated with it that keep track of this information. The first is called the creator code and it identifies which application is associated with it. The second is called the file type and describes what kind of file it is, as interpreted by its creator application. When you download files Viper FTP to your hard drive Viper FTP has to choose a Macintosh creator code and file type to assign to the file.

The user can view ownership properties of a file such as who created the file and when.
The user may also specify parameters to determine which application should be used to open the file, for example:

    Creator - user may specify an application ot open the file
    Type - user may specify a file extension type such as jpeg, tiff etc.

The user can also set permissions for the multiple selected items.
For example:

    box checked - the access will be granted
    box cleared - the access will be prohibited
    box with dash - the access will not be changed

If there are folders among the selection, "Recurse subdirectories" will be an available option. Checking this option will set permissions to every file in a subfolder of the currently selected folder/s, and the folders themselves.

For image, text, binary and other kind of files there is also a preview window available. This may be used to preview any file but is especially useful to identify the correct file before transferring it.
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