Selecting the mode of transferring files might be sometimes very important to you. We give you the option between three transfer modes:

ASCII mode causes translation of the end-of-line character(s) in text files, and thus should be used for known text files and known text files ONLY.

Binary mode is the best transfer method for any other type of data (not text files). It sends/receives files "as-is" with no translation of any kind.

Automatic mode estimates the best transfer mode. It is the default transfer mode in Viper FTP. Downloaded files with known text file extensions are treated as ASCII all others as binary files. You should manually set up the list of known text file extensions using Transfer tab in Preferences dialog box. Note that when transferring files to/from UNIX based FTP server, all transfers use binary mode if "Use Binary mode when transferring ASCII files between UNIX hosts" option is on (see FTP Settings).
Files Transfer Mode
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